Our plant is located in Bogotá, Colombia; our country has the
most stringent security requirements, as it has been a victim of
terrorism and organized crime for decades. This is why our
native environment is the world´s best test and development field
for security products and time recorders for harsh environments.

Our company has effectively contributed to prevent crime and
protect persons and their assets for many years,  with our high
performance and robust quality products.

We are vertically integrated. Our company designs and
manufactures injection moulds for engineering resins, punch
dies, custom production tools, PCB design, PCB assembly,
microprocessor firmware and build applications with Microsoft
Visual Studio for .NET  with SQL.

Our parent company A. Duran & Co., was founded in the year of
1914 by Mr. Aurelio Duran. We have good experience! All of the
above has permitted us to export with success to more than 40
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